Monday, September 1, 2008


Just a short note on this Labor Day.

All of our Iowa friends have 'blamed' the weather on us coming from Southern California. They say that we brought in the heavy snow this Winter. (Like it snows so much in LA!)

So, how come we get blamed for the extra snowy Winter and the extra rainy Spring... but the extra cool Summer - nah. No one has said thanks for bringing all of this nice cool weather!

Today marks the 6th day over 90 degrees this year. So far most of Summer has been quite wonderful and we have taken advantage of the patio for our meals and enjoyed the great weather.

Well - Summer's almost gone - I wonder what Fall is going to be like - I'll be sure to get some of the color from the area as it changes.

I did finally see that elusive state bird this vacation... the goldfinch - eating in our backyard no less... Oh yeah - I still need to do the bird blog so you can see what we have seen in our year in Iowa. Have a great rest of summer. Stay safe in the hurricane zones and we'll be praying for you.


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Laura said...

Nice to hear from you... I'd love to see some bird pics on here soon!

Miss you guys. Take care of my Lolo.