Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All is RIght

Sorry - no pictures this time.
All is right with the world! We just moved into our new house a bit over a week ago. Today, I came home from work, had to go get dinner (5 minute drive), we walked with mom and the dogs along the creek trail and walked up into our backyard, and I sat on the screened porch and watched for fireflies with my mom. Simple, yet breathtaking all at the same time. Yes, I did start some work after 10pm tonight. But I did it with my feet up, sitting on the couch with Lo sitting on the couch near me reading a book. I marvel at the things we have been shown here in just 10 short months. I hope to never get complacent here. Since we moved here, we have seen out our back windows:
Squirrels - Red, Grey and Black (sometimes all within minutes of each other)
Blue Jays
Mourning Doves
Sparrows - Two kinds
Ducks - We do live near Duck Creek!
I think a woodpecker - I know I've heard them
There's another small bird living in a birdhouse in the back of the yard - maybe a Titmouse
Fireflies - too cool - can't wait until there's more than a few.

Now, you see, in Southern California, we don't get this variety unless we live near/in the mountains or foothills. Nothing like this in the 'city'. And after living there so long, maybe we just took for granted some of these wonders and looked right past them. I hope to never take creation for granted again.

After seeing so much while driving from So. Cal to Iowa twice. Going through the Rocky Mountains, we saw God's awesome majesty. Going through
Greensburg, Kansas last November, we saw God's awesome power. Traveling from Kansas City to Bloomington, MN and from Galena, IL to Indianapolis, IN. There is so much to see in this great land of ours. How can I ever take it all in? How can I not marvel at the great creation that I am part of? How can I ever thank God enough for slapping me to my senses and putting me here in the heartland of America?

Ever since we arrived in Iowa, I have said that my life is a do-over, because there is nothing the same except my marriage. We have looked at everything new with wide eyes and wonder. I know that it's God just saying "Hey, wake up. Look what I've done. Why don't you notice any more?". My wish for you is that somehow, sometime, God grants you a do-over. It may not be as drastic as picking up everything you own and moving halfway across country. But just to see life through His eyes now and then. I've been given a great gift. Maybe by sharing this story, I can pass that gift along.

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Dan McQuiddy said...

God is GOOD! He has not only surrounded us with beauty in the seasons and creation but with assurance that He is watching over us providing not only do-overs but making everything (even So-Cal)beautiful in its own time. I'm looking forward to backporch communion with God and nature when I finally get to my retirement home on the beach in Newport Oregon but I'm glad Ron that you reminded me to see the beauty where ever I find myself. May God continue to bless you in your new home, job, church, and lookout on nature! But hey... every once and awhile stand up on that porch and do your famous magic act with the finger rings and digit transfer! Pam and I will keep looking for great pics and home spun tales!